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7 tips to prevent the Flu
2016-17 winter season is upon us! You know who loves a cold and dry season – Influenza!
5 Foods that can help you prevent the flu
2016-17 winter is here and Flu will be here soon!
But you are ready and have stocked up on cold medicine, sanitizers and anti-bacterial soaps. However, did you know that what you put on your plate can also help you defend against this seasonal endemic?
Facebook Use Is Not Making You Happy
About 39 per cent of Facebook users are not as happy as their friends, one study has shown. Given there are 21 million Canadians - or nearly 60 per cent of the country - using Facebook that means over eight million Canadians are unhappy.
6 Things You Need to Know About Flu Shot
It's the flu season again, and it's time to think about the flu shot. Maybe you get it every year, or have never gotten one. Perhaps you mean to get it but forget, or have some concerns or questions.
Top 10 Questions About Flu Shot Answered by Dr. Gregson
Dr Daniel Gregson, past president of the Association of Medical Microbiology and Infectious Disease Canada (AMMI), answers your questions about the flu shot.
The Flu Virus 2016-2017: A Potentially Fatal Ordeal
Viruses are fascinating pathogens; they are microscopic infectious agents that only replicate inside the living cells of other organisms, infecting all life forms, from animals to humans.
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